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As seen on Fox Friends The Alpha Female s Guide to Men andMarriageshows women who have a dominating personality how to love a man.America is in love with the alpha female Shes the quintessential modern womanassertive, razor sharp, and fully in control Her success in the marketplace is undeniable, a downright boon to society But what happens when the alpha female gets married She becomes an alpha wife, of course An alpha wife is in charge of everything and everyone She is, quite simply, the Boss.The problem is, no man wants a boss for a wife That type of relationship may work for a spell, but it will eventually come crashing down.Since 1970, just as women became and powerful outside the home alphathe divorce rate has quadrupled And it is women who lead the charge Today, 70% of divorce is initiated by wives Do men just make lousy husbands Not at that rate, says Suzanne Venker, bestselling author of The War on Men The truth is that women dont know how to be wives Why would they Thats not what they were raised to become But women can learn Theres an art to loving a man, says Venker, and any woman can master it An alpha female herself, Venker learned how to be a wife the hard waythrough trial and error Lots of error And heres what she knows todaythe set of skills a woman needs to pursue a career, or even to raise children, is the exact set of skills that will mess up her marriage for good No man likes to be told what to do And no woman respects the man who does The Alpha Female s Guide to Men andMarriagegives women who are used to being in charge the tools they need to make their marriages less competitive and complementary Part memoir, part advice, this brave manifesto argues that while marriage is challenging for the alpha female, it is possible to find peace in your marriage In fact, it may be easier than you think....

Title : The Alpha Female's Guide to Men and Marriage: How Love Works
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ISBN : 1618688448
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Publisher : Post Hill Press February 14, 2017
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The Alpha Female's Guide to Men and Marriage: How Love Works Reviews

  • by Grant M.
    2018-11-18 10:17

    As a man, this book really explained a lot to me. It didn't do much tell the reader EXACTLY what to do, but gave a better understanding of the male brain and how to interact with it. Men are pretty simple. This book shows you how to navigate our simplicity!

  • Auus
    2018-11-15 13:13

    Loved this book. Not easy to read, you have to be mature enough to absorb it. But if you do it is extremely helpful. Love the tone, very funny. Read it if you tell your husband what to do and wonder why your marriage isn’t going well!...

  • LDSmiles
    2018-10-26 13:04

    I am recently divorced, my ex said I was an alpha. I am actually not but this book gave me new strategies and thoughts to implement in any new relationship that I begin. Every woman should read this book... alpha or not.

  • Nina Brownstone
    2018-11-07 08:53

    Ms. Suzanne Venker wrote this Impressively written guide for today's "modernized" woman. She is telling us that many women loved the idea of marriage, but they don't know or have the understanding of being a wife. We know how to be career-driven, ambitious, and "bring home the bacon", but when you are a home with husband and kids, you have to shut that down. Ms. Venker tells her personal story of how she had to corrected her behavior, and learn how to say yes. Plus, being an alpha female is way to stressful and makes you crazy.

  • Arbitress
    2018-10-28 07:55

    This book was an interesting read that gave me much food for thought. I think the points Ms. Venker makes ring true, and I appreciate the "big picture" stance she takes throughout. Never does she come across as "preachy". As someone with a history of being married more than once, I definitely recognized myself in her description of how women in my generation, raised during the feminist era, are infused with an outlook that brings problems into their relationships with men. I am presently unmarried in a monogamous relationship, and I found that much of her material still applies to my situation. I made numerous notes in the margins and highlighted many passages that stood out for me. I plan on re-reading this book soon. This was a very worthwhile purchase.

  • Bunny Galladora
    2018-10-27 07:52

    I purchased 2 of these books. One for each of my daughters. We are all "alpha females" with jobs that are "typically male" jobs and I felt this book could really help them. I read the book. Some of it I agree with but much of it I disagreed with. After reading it, I decided not to give them to my daughters. lol

  • John Nixon
    2018-11-12 10:13

    The book gave me the clarity I needed to understand what had happened and was happening in my marriage. Counseling was a joke compared to the cut to the chase content of this book. I read it twice and then gave it to my wife who went ballistic after browsing through it. She told me this, meaning the books content, was never going to happen. I encouraged her to read it in it's entirety. The next day, after thirty years of marriage and four children, I told her I was going to divorce her. She was stunned and for the first time in a decade I felt relief. Two days later she initiated a conversation with me. She apologized and had a plan to stay married, which was I was very receptive. She said she found it ironic that she had to hear the truth from someone like her and she really didn't like it, however she would keep the book very close to her for reference. Married life has been good since then (only a month or so) and getting better every day. I am so happy I came across this book. It saved my marriage! I have also recommended it to several guy friends and several women I know that I believe could benefit from it. Susanne Venker you're my hero and I hope to meet you some day! Thank you!

  • Bookobsessed
    2018-11-03 09:05

    I had never heard of Suzanne Venker until a few weeks ago, but I was intrigued by her book reviews on Amazon, so I bought it.