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The book is a must read for aspiring youth and new leaders, it is a result of forty years of work and extensive research Trusted and Believable Leaders c by B Sellitto and J Barrier introduces The Seven 7 Powerful Habits and Strategies c for Building and Rebuilding Trusted Relationships c and earning Believability and a Trusted Voice c In this books easy to use guide, the authors present a challenging Road Map filled with Tools and A True North Compass c that will motivate teams, students, and those in leadership roles to build or rebuild Trusted Relationships c in their careers and lives Readers are led through Change Processes that are focused on market share, brand and customer loyalty, operational effectiveness, cost reduction, knowledge management, staff development, and best practice performance Support tools are offered to those in the middle of an Organizational Decline and in need of the Power of Believability c Readers are also shown how to gain a Trusted Voice c capable of winning support for delivering on the Promise of Trusted Change c When The Trust Builders Seven 7 Powerful Habits and Strategies c are employed industry and union leaders as well as government agencies including community policing and school systems will benefit from rewarding Fresh Start Force Multipliers c Finally, those who have experienced life s setbacks are offered support, direction, and sound career building advice They will discover that the Power of Believability and A Trusted Voice c grows faith, hope and consensus support With Trust Relationships all things are very possible...

Title : Trusted & Believable Leaders: “The Seven (7) Powerful Habits & Strategies” © For “Building & Rebuilding Trusted (TR) Relationships”
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Trusted & Believable Leaders: “The Seven (7) Powerful Habits & Strategies” © For “Building & Rebuilding Trusted (TR) Relationships” Reviews

  • Jillian Boyce
    2018-11-02 13:16

    From written definitions to diagrams, "Trusted & Believable Leaders" "The seven (7) powerful habits & strategies" for "Building and rebuilding trusted relationships" is the ultimate guide for learning how to be in a trusting relationship. This book seems to be more oriented to people in business, or who have a relationship with God, but in my opinion, I believe that everyone should read this book. It is a wonderful reading experience because the authors B. Sellitto and J. Barrier walk the reader through seven strategies for building and rebuilding a trusted relationship (hence the title). As an added bonus, the authors have included very helpful exercises to fill in after every section/strategy. The labs are my personal favorite in the book because as someone who has a little trouble with reading comprehension, it helps me notice if I actually understood what I read in the previous section. It also helps me outline a way how to build or rebuild my future relationship with whomever I may meet. Overall, "Trusted & Believable Leaders" "The seven (7) powerful habits & strategies" for "Building and rebuilding trusted relationships" is very informative and helpful in anyone's future endeavors.

  • MS1727
    2018-10-26 09:17

    When reading this book you immediately notice that it isn't your regular self help book. The set up is entirely different. This is more an instruction manual on one of the most important aspects of any relationship: trust. Not only is it set up in a way that is easy to follow with graphics for clarity and emphasis on the important points with boldface type, the content is well organized, not to mention backed by research, which is something I always look for. The research makes this book a trustworthy source. It guides you through not only becoming a trustworthy person, but also what kinds of trust there are and how to build relationships based on trust, the steps to gain the most trust from a relationship, and how to maintain it. Even more importantly, it teaches how to mend broken trust. After finishing my freshman year at college, I found that many of the qualities of believable leaders were qualities that my most trustworthy professors had. I only wish I would have found it sooner. Anyone could benefit from the insight contained in this book. Although it is geared towards the youth, i feel everyone has something to gain from this book. It is never too late to try and regain the trust of an old relationship or start fresh with a new one.

  • FM1359
    2018-11-14 06:16

    This book is very informative and detailed about how to build, or rebuild, and maintain trusted relationships with others. It clearly defines all the key essentials to a trusting relationship through text, bold faced key points, bulleted and numbered lists, and even diagrams that all coincide in an organized fashion that makes sense. Also after many of the sections in book there are short exercises, that really keeps you involved in the book and makes you think. This book does not only examine relationships such as with your partner or loved one, but even more importantly, trusted relationships with teachers, co-workers, coaches, and just about anyone else. I am going into college as a freshmen this year and I am glad that I have read this book. It will definitely help me create and have better, trusting relationships with my professors, advisers, and peers.

  • Chriss C.
    2018-10-27 06:55

    "Trusted & Believable Leaders" is a great resource for people looking to find their way in both their lives and their careers but who are lost on how to go about it. It helps you to work through your problems, learn new strategies for life and work, and become an overall better person. If you're not quite sure of where you're headed in life and are ready for a little challenge that will get you going in the right direction, this is definitely worth your time. The problems and formulas presented may be a little tough, but that only makes it more rewarding when you finally work them out. It's a book which is intended to help everyone succeed, and that is a wonderful thing.

  • guy
    2018-11-03 04:53

    "Trusted and Believable Leaders" is a phenomonal book for both teens and adults. What this book has done is built a map for life that is not only meaningful but also applicable. Each page refreshes you, though perhaps slightly repetitive at times, yet it really drives home the facts and knowledge needed to maintain healthy relationships in both family and work life. It breaks down those complicated barriers and gives simple steps and wise advice on how to build or restore trust. Providing reasearch and creating scenarios, this book gets back to the fundamentals and core of what trust and leadership is. I honestly believe this book will give you a new look at your own life and improve the quality of your relationships. Simply put, you got to read this book!

  • Amazon Customer
    2018-11-03 10:58

    Very nicely done. Not only up and coming leaders should read this book, but also present leaders - many of whom have lost their way and hence the trust of those that they lead. Having worked directly with Ben, I can attest to what you will find when you read this book - his deep caring for people and his desire to transfer his years of experience and knowledge to those that will follow.

  • AngryAsianMan
    2018-11-18 06:54

    This was given to me by a coworker and look where it ended. It's death by PowerPoint in book form

  • DYar
    2018-11-15 09:23

    This book does a fantastic job breaking down life is such a structured manner. It is a difficult process in life, deciding who and what to be and how to do it. This book helps you literally work through those steps in life and choose a path. Thanks for developing a great book! I loved it!