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Forget grades Your work experience, attitude, and network will get you the career you love and the success you deserve Every year, thousands of college students, like yourself, will graduate without a clear understanding of their career A struggling economy and global competition make the job search difficult But you can still succeed Your college years are the best time to gain Real World experience, develop meaningful connections and discover what you re passionate about In this book you will Learn how to network Uncover the real reasons you weren t hired Try the Find Your Passion exercise Solve the Success Equation You re not in college just to get a degree Graduation day isn t some kind of conclusion In fact, college is no than a Race to the Starting Line....

Title : Race to the Starting Line: Succeed in College by Leaving Grades Behind
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ISBN : 1442132043
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform April 16, 2009
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Race to the Starting Line: Succeed in College by Leaving Grades Behind Reviews

  • AJ
    2018-11-15 17:35

    The advice presented in this book is aimed at college students but I found it beneficial as a 30-something professional. The content is presented in a conversational style and is full of humor; hence it makes for a pleasent and easy read. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in professional development, no matter their age. I feel this book is a MUST HAVE tool for a high-school student that is college bound, a student who is attending college presently, or a recent college graduate.

  • Jan Ney
    2018-11-11 18:34

    This enjoyable read by Pawan Murthy gets right to the point with common sense on how to get noticed, looked at and hired. A bonus is valuable advice on what is expected by employers. Murthy's personal anecdotes reinforce his real life experience. Both entry level and experienced job seekers can benefit from reading Race to the Starting Line. This book gets to the core of how to be proactive in getting what you are seeking in opportunities, in careers, and in life.

  • T. Huth
    2018-10-25 20:57

    I wish I had read this book before I went to college and picked a career simply based on the ability to get a job and make money. This book does a great job of helping the reader to take a more holistic approach to school and the pursuit of a career. Having two boys that are high school students, this book will be a great conversation starter on the subject of college.

  • Coral L. Link
    2018-10-28 16:41

    "Race to the Starting Line" tells it like it is. The `Real World' isn't all about getting the highest grades - it's also about who you know, the experiences you've had, and how you present yourself. As an educator who has worked with high school and university students for over 20 years, I've spent countless hours discussing these critical issues in my classroom. Murthy's book presents these important life lessons in 5 brief, engaging chapters in a voice that resonates strongly with teens and young adults. My students literally can't put the book down - and read ahead! Even better for them, the book is short, approachable and easy to read, with many examples. It makes sense to them, and underscores the important message that there is more to life, and success, than grades alone.

  • D Wolterman
    2018-11-01 13:43

    This is a quick and easy read, but packs quite a punch. One would think that advice so simple and direct would already be obvious, but we've been programmed throughout our school years to work for good grades, often at the expense of personal development and sometimes even at the expense of real learning. Young people need to know how to set themselves apart, and this book offers clear and practical guidance on networking and building relationships that will lead to opportunities and success. There is more to be gained from the college experience than just a diploma. The good news is that students can have less stress, more experiential learning and find a career path that will bring contentment.

  • E. Thompson
    2018-10-27 15:41

    This book should be required reading for any student who enters their high schools college preparatory program. Grades, grades, grades. That's all we ever heard leaving us unprepared for the world of relationships that we would soon be embarking upon. It is a quick and easy read that is a great investment into a more complete education.

  • D. Brunner
    2018-10-24 17:44

    This is a great book for young people in High School just about to graduate, anyone at the college level, or in search of their true career passion. The author does a great job of providing some humor along the way with this quick read. This would make a great gift idea for the recent or soon to be, High School grad.

  • Jeff
    2018-11-11 13:56

    Great life lessons for a student getting ready for the next level. The personal experience and lessons learned from Pawan Murthy should be considered for all motivated students entering college.