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This highly regarded text earned its popularity by helping students build their confidence while they develop their skills Beginning with the simple residential closing, Examples Explanations Real Estate Transactions, Fourth Edition, leads students through progressively complex transactions to reach a solid understanding of the area The text clarifies the subject by offering point by point instruction, practice, and feedback on the three main subjects of all real estate courses investment, mortgaging, and conveyancing presenting a broad overview of each topic, followed by examples, questions, and detailed answers covering business planning and investments, from commercial real estate to sophisticated commercial transactions presenting material along the time line needed for students to understand the sequence of events applicable in any real estate transaction serving as an introduction to the participants and servicers of the transaction and to the financial benefits of investing New examples and explanations in the Fourth Edition reflect recent developments financial planning and investment, for analyzing pro forma statements by real estate investors mezzanine financing, in line with the current discussion of junior mortgages LLC s and the amendments of the applicable Uniform Acts mechanics liens regulatory checks on terrorism activity and money...

Title : Examples & Explanations: Real Estate Transactions, 5th Edition
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ISBN : 0735588554
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Aspen Publishers 5 edition December 17, 2010
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Examples & Explanations: Real Estate Transactions, 5th Edition Reviews

  • Gerard S. Murphy
    2018-10-31 16:41

    As far as the E&Es go this one is OK. This is for an upper level course and your professor might not be interested in the same stuff that the E&E writers use. My professor was mainly interested in California law and in environmental problems. This book takes a more national approach and sometimes the state law is greatly different. There is a chapter here on environmental problems and regulations but for my course it was like 60% of the final. Just keep in mind that what is in this book might be correct, but professors have a lot of room to do as they please. My jerk of a professor told us all semester that we would be having a totally open book, open note, final. So I decided that for all of the non-environmental property law sections I would just take my notes in the margins of the E&E, and I marked where California laws differed. Then come exam day his instructions say no commercial supplements allowed. Fortunately I had all the environmental stuff in another outline and was able to remember enough to get a B. Whatever, law school sucks anyway. I should have joined the circus instead of wasting my life in law school.

  • Dee Lindo (or her hubby)
    2018-11-21 20:56

    Very competent and complete, this book is written for law students or others needing a law oriented text. The examples and explanations are the helpful, showing how transactions are shaped by law and action, along with case law citations.

  • LittleSpeq
    2018-11-12 18:52

    Our casebook was good, but this book was better. I wish I'd had enough more time to take full advantage (it was a summer course). Still, I got an A+. Draw your own conclusions.

  • Patty Roberts
    2018-11-11 14:44

    Bought for my Mother.

  • secregstudent
    2018-11-14 17:40

    What is this garbage? Seriously. I have used many many E&Es, and most to great success. This is just a piece of garbage. Do not buy.

  • Izzy
    2018-11-20 12:44

    Use this book, and you won't need to open the text book. I got an A!

  • Amazon Customer
    2018-11-12 19:44

    I am a big proponent of the Examples & Explanations series; they carried me through law school. For many of my courses the E&E was the only book that I opened all semester. Particularly well written were the E&Es on Civil Procedure, Fed. Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Crim. Law, & Evidence. However, this E&E by Barlow Burke is a complete disaster. I am amazed at the lack of clarity in the writing. It needs to be rewritten by a different author. I apologize for not recalling a particular example to point out, but I can only restate that I relied on many of the E&Es for other classes and I just simply could not comprehend this one. As another reviewer wrote "The style of writing is confusing." Amen.

  • Mike Koger
    2018-11-12 17:46

    I have to admit this is the worst E&E book I've ever read. I'm a third year law student and always use the E&E books as an end of the semester summary to my casebook. I've probably used 10-15 other E&E books in this manner and always got good results. This book has a very brief table of contents. The other E&E books have a detailed table of contents that is a great place to start an outline. Bottom line for law students....if you like a secondary source to be clear, concise and without all the stuff that clutters up your casebook, this is NOT the book for you. The author might be a great legal writer for a casebook, but not for E&E.