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Title : Linksys Networks: The Official Guide
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ISBN : 0072226838
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : McGraw Hill Osborne Media 1 edition October 7, 2002
Number of Pages : 464 pages
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Linksys Networks: The Official Guide Reviews

  • John G.
    2018-11-06 12:54

    good information

  • Scott E. Wrangham
    2018-11-10 11:10

    It is an improvement on the documentation that comes from Linksys, but I was disappointed. It could have had a few more pictures, and I was expecting detailed explanations on how to configure all features of a router. When I got to the VPN portion of the book, which I was particularly interested in, it said, "See a consultant." Needless to say, that wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. But if you're just getting started, it will probably help you.

  • abb
    2018-11-14 06:14

    This is a great book. I had my three systems - 2 Win XP, 1 Win98 accessing the internet in just a few minutes.

  • Amazon Customer
    2018-11-04 08:18

    PC Magazine recently rated several of the SOHO (Small Office Home Office) systems and rated Linksys (+plus 2 others) highest in customer satisfaction. PC Magazine noted, that while Linksys had one of the hightest customer service ratings by users, technechial service would wain after the rep decided that the malfunction was not related to a Linksys part. Accordingly, I decided to build with all Linksys components. Text, brand new, off the press October, 2002, explains each of the Linksys components available for a SOHO LAN (Local Operating Network, eg. BEFSR41 ver2 Router, both hard-wired and Wireless Switches, the advantages of wireless, compared to RJ45 Ethernet hard wiring, USBs, etc. The overview and specifics are all in this text. Enables the home LAN builder to designed it right the first time, setting up the sytem's a breeze. Kathy Ivens & Larry Seltzer have a winner.

  • Nick Nicholas, MSW
    2018-11-10 08:51

    I have never been more disappointed with a computer and networking book than this one. I learned absolutely nothing. This book is oriented towards the total novice. If you have any experience at all with computers then this book is not for you. The book assumes there are only two operating systems: Windows 98SE and Windows XP. Windows 2000 is mentioned a couple of times in passing. This book is oriented to those who believe that Windows 98SE and Windows XP are the only operating systems available. There was no discussion of Macintosh, no discussion of Linux, no discussion of UNIX. If I'd had an opportunity to skim this book before purchasing it I would have left it on the shelf. The text was highly repetitive. All of the information in this book *should* have been included for free with the Linksys documentation. As it was, all of the information in the book *is* available for free with the Windows help and LInksys documentation. I feel scammed.

  • Monte Engel
    2018-10-30 06:13

    Incomplete and overly simplistic. The authors frequently use acronyms, but the glossary does not define them.

  • Tim Schmidt
    2018-10-22 08:04

    I bought a Linksys 4 port router about 2.5 years ago (for about [money]!) so I could share my DSL connection throughout my enormous NYC apartment. With this book i got the skinny on updating my firmware, going wireless, keeping my neighbors out of my wireless network, and other cool stuff. It even touches on accessing PCs remotely on the network. Once you get the network running and the broadband working you tend to forget about security, updating, how cables are laid out, etc. This book gets and keeps you on track so you don't skip over little things that can cost a lot later.

  • None
    2018-11-22 07:06

    This book was of no help to me. I have several computers on a wireless network with a wireless G router, all running Windows 2000 flawlessly. I need to add a couple more older computers with windows 98 on them and bought the cheaper wireless b cards for them. This book told me NOTHING on dealing with a windows 2000 operating system, and did not help in the least to fix my problems getting the other computers to work. If you have windows XP this is probably a good book, but then windows XPs interfaces are self explainatory anyway. In my opinion do not buy this book if you have windows 2000 or windows 98.